Tuesday, September 18, 2007


In this time before the AIESEC Life online community is built (which I like to refer to as the "dark ages"), we have to rely on other tools to get news about alumni. Personally, I am on LinkedIn, MySpace, Myfamily and, my favorite, Facebook. In the short time that I've been on Facebook, I've found old friends, made plans with an old friend who is coming into town later this week and, best of all, found out today that an alumnus is a new daddy!

"Updated: Vishen Lakhiani is now officially a Father. His son was born today in Estonia at 9:47am."

Congrats, buddy! Hopefully, after your boy is an LCP, MCP, PAI...he'll find out about his friend's new families through a killer alumni system!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A New Beginning - Beginning Anew

(Note: This was written on 9/11/07, but posted here originally on 9/12/07)

I wasn't sure if this was the right day to begin a blog for AIESEC Life, the alumni organization for AIESECers in the United States. This is a conflicting day for many of us and it recalls a lot of memories, both good and bad.

Bad: A tragic day in the U.S. where thousands of people died.

Good: This day was immediately followed by an unprecedented outpouring of sympathy and respect between nations in the world. Many enemies of the U.S. on 9/10 were expressing their profound sorrow that we lost so many innocent citizens just a day later.

Bad: We can't forget that there was some immediate finger-pointing between various ethnic groups against others (Muslim-owned stores being vandalized, Jews accused of masterminding the plot).

Good: Many individuals reevaluated their lives and decided to make positive changes. Personally, I was called by a client to have lunch shortly after 9/11, because he decided that life was too precious to talk with someone often on the phone, but never meet.

Bad: The United States is still at war as a result, justified or not, of the events of this day.

Good: Many more people, especially young people, woke up to the importance of being involved in politics in their lives (remember how crazy people went for Howard Dean?)

The list goes on....

But this isn't a post about September 11, 2001. This is an introductory post for the new AIESEC alumni organization.

I realized a couple of hours ago that today might actually be a great day to start this weblog. Remember, the first weblog in the AIESEC US community (WAY before nomadlife) was on September 11, 2001. (Click here to see it). It struck me today that this is the first rainy 9/11 anniversary. I realized this when I was talking to the cashier at Whole Foods, when he commented that he thought the City seemed very glum today. It has been a beautiful, sunny day every year since 2001. We both stopped for a second to ponder this, then we simultaneously said something to the effect that maybe this is the year that the rain will wash away the bad stuff we've been carrying around in our hearts for the last six years.

Perhaps today is the day that we look forward and begin the new phase of our lives. That seems like a nice thing to do on this anniversary. If so, then perhaps it isn't so much of a stretch to draw a correlation with launching the weblog of an AIESEC alumni organization. Perhaps today can be a day to commemorate new beginnings in several parts of our lives.

Or maybe I'm just a cheesy guy with questionable metaphors.

Either way, I hope that you are having a nice day. Expect some FAR less heavy reading here in the very near future! And jokes! Mostly about Rickesh!