Wednesday, October 10, 2007

...Sha na na na na (Get a job)

As many of you know, I'm currently in my third year of law school. The time when studying moves to the background and we focus on finding someone to assist us in paying off our massive student loans. Since I'm not entirely jazzed about working for a big, bad NY law firm (I hate both prestige & really, really high salaries!), I'm exploring other options. Currently, I'm considering interesting positions abroad, non-profit work and possibly even working for the U.S. gub-ment.

I was discussing my job search with my family a couple of weeks ago and my uncle said something that struck me. He noted that "kids these days" start their job search by thinking about where they want to live, then narrowing it down to where they want to work. He was saying that this is fairly recent phenomenon. In days of old, people would apply for any job, then would move wherever it required them to be.

I'm curious to know what our vast readership has to say about this. Am I abnormal for focusing first on where I want to be? Am I ahead of the times? Or is this typically how graduates find jobs these days?

Please leave a comment with your opinions!