Thursday, January 24, 2008

Whooooo are you? Who? Who?

I really hope everyone gets the song reference in the headline. And not because some youngsters covered the song on YouTube! I'm not sure if I'm a cranky old man yet, but my taste in music sure is.

Anyway, in the course of building resources for the alumni community, I realized that we need something to identify alumni of AIESEC that are involved in AIESEC Life. It's easy to call people who are in the organization AIESECers, but not as easy to identify people who now alumni.

So, I'm putting the question to those of you reading the weblog: what should we call the people that make up AIESEC Life?

* Alumni? (seems to general and boring)
* Lifers (seems to imply that they're still members of AIESEC. Also, it evokes penitentiaries).
* Member of the AIESEC Life community (too many words!)

Please leave your suggestions in the comments! Rickesh has promised a prize (probably a beer or two, if that's your thing) to the author of the winning entry!


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