Friday, August 22, 2008

Current Events: AIESEC Life and the AIESEC US Board of Directors

Earlier this week, representatives from AIESEC Life met with representatives from the AIESEC US Board of Directors to discuss how the two organizations can work together. The outcome of that meeting was very positive and the summary of the discussion is included below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or would like to get involved.

Summary of Points Discussed:

- AIESEC Life was founded and should continue as an organization by alumni for alumni. It is independent of the internal workings of AIESEC US and has no stance on AIESEC US’s internal issues. It exists purely to help alumni connect with each other and to support AIESEC US’s growth.

- AIESEC US will maintain its operational support of AIESEC Life (through HR and IT support) while AIESEC Life continues to find ways alumni can give back to the organization (scholarships for students to go to conferences, leads for exchange, etc)

- AIESEC Life should be, structurally and from a governance perspective, independent from AIESEC US.

- AIESEC US and AIESEC Life would, with the assistance of their respective legal counsel, work towards a simple agreement which sets forth the terms of the relationship between the two organizations (including the nature of the support for AIESEC US and the use of the brand by AIESEC Life only for XYZ purposes, etc).

- Rickesh and Jim will make a presentation at the Oct AIESEC US BOD meeting about AIESEC Life and the plan for the relationship.

- The new national committee and/or representatives from the AIESEC US BOD are invited to attend two alumni events so that they can talk directly with alumni about what happened in AIESEC US and the plan for the future:

1. National alumni conference, Chicago, Sept 26-28, 2008 [expect 150+ alumni mainly from the 90s and 2000s]

2. Reunion of alumni from the first 30 years of AIESEC (1948-78), Harvard Club of NYC, Oct 11th 2008 [expect 50 alumni from the earlier generations of AIESEC]

- AIESEC Life will share announcements from the AIESEC US BOD about what is going on inside AIESEC US to alumni using our monthly newsletter (distribution 8,000+ alumni)

- AIESEC Life will help identify alumni interested in helping the AIESEC US BOD in the process of vetting and recommending LC member applicants for the new national committee team.

Through the growth of AIESEC Life, we hope to strengthen the relationship between alumni and AIESEC US which, in turn, will help AIESEC US’s success.


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