Monday, September 8, 2008

Profile of Laura and Alberto Casellas

Beto and I met at a National Leadership Seminar (NLS) in Moodus, Connecticut in 1988.  The place was a lot like the movie Dirty Dancing.  AIESEC had taken over the entire site for our August training for new leaders for the next school year.  Beto was going to be President of AIESEC Yale and I was Marketing Director for AIESEC Emory.  We worked hard all day and partied all night (probably hasn't changed from current AIESEC conferences).  One night he asked me to dance and that's the end of the story.  We never danced with anyone else and dated from then on.  Well, there is a little more to the story.....

After his Senior year at Yale he joined AIESEC United States as the Regional VP for the Southeast.  I was still in Atlanta for my Senior year and was the President for my chapter.  So he was my "boss".  The AIESEC US President (David Pollay- still our good friend)  teased us that every time Beto flew from NYC to visit an LC in the south, the plane had to stop in Atlanta.  After my senior year, I took Beto's job as RVP for the South with AIESEC US.  This was a fun month of transition between the old and new staff in June!  Beto went on to work for GE. 

After I finished my year on staff, I went on a traineeship to Barcelona, Spain.  Having been involved with AIESEC since my freshman year, going to an international conference in Switzerland, MANY regional and national conferences, and being on staff, the traineeship was a great culmination of my AIESEC experience.

Beto and I were married a year later with a big contingency of AIESECers at the wedding.  We have lived in four states as well as in Puerto Rico, Brazil and Argentina through Beto's work with GE.  I have been teaching English as a Second Language for 12 years which fits well with our lifestyle of travel and international interests.   Our sons, Lucas (age 6) and Sebastian (age 8) are becoming biliterate and bilingual in a Spanish immersion school where we live now in San Jose, CA.  They will no doubt be future AIESECers!