Tuesday, October 21, 2008

AIESEC alumni reunite in Chicago!

Over the last weekend in September, alumni converged on Chicago to reunite with old friends, learn from fellow alumni and build an AIESEC alumni organization (yes, it wasn't all fun and games...we actually did some "work"!)  

Conference Output Summary

             *Presentation from Clarke Caywood

-He provided an interesting history and perspective from an alumnus, along with the Olympic torch!

 *Thunderbird University, University of South Carolina

-We will announce information about the AIESEC alumni scholarships in the general newsletter, but feel free to contact us if you would like to speak with either presenter.

*Panel discussion about “living AIESEC’s values after AIESEC”

-Panelists talked about applying AIESEC’s values to their work and lives, dealing with the “AIESEC hangover”, and unexpected ways their AIESEC experiences have been applied in their lives.  If you have notes from this session you would like to share with other alumni, please send them to us!

- Special thank you to our panel participants: Jerry Allison, Candice Popiel, Joel Sanders, Cris Arens, Lynda Funke, Ryan Gembala, Ola Ayeni, and Michele Honomichl.

*Break out groups discussing how AIESEC Life can help them

- Rickesh and Jim reviewed all of the output about how an AIESEC alumni organization could be part of our lives.  We categorized all of the feedback into four broad categories: (1) Help alumni continue to live AIESEC values, (2) AIESEC Life could be the “one stop motivation shop”, (3) AIESEC Life could help alumni work on projects together which are related to AIESEC’s mission, and (4) AIESEC Life could help alumni stay connected to like-minded people. 

-We will continue to build on the ideas from this conversation, as well as any others that alumni come up with.

No Excuses Pictures

*  Adam Brand has set up an album for No Excuses, (available at to which can add your pictures! 

Weblog Content

Part of keeping the alumni community active is by ensuring there is a constant stream of user-generated content.  If you would like to write weblog entries that would be of interest to alumni (international travel stories, AIESEC histories, cultural perspectives, etc.), please contact Jim at  


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