Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The First 30 Years of AIESEC

The attendance of alumni at the First 30 Reunion on Oct 11th, 2008  speaks strongly to the dedication of AIESEC alumni and the power of the alumni network. 

A special thank you to John Allen, Bob Jaffe, John Tuschman and Ken Morse for co-hosting the event and to Joe Loughrey for being the emcee – without their contributions, the event would not have been possible.

Quotes from the Event

“Honesty and integrity do count, and they are noticed.” – David Dempsey

“Let’s not forget there are five generations of AIESEC alums now who want to learn from each other” – Frank Foti

“The channeling of self interest is an important part to achieving the vision.” – Ken Phillips

“Think global, go local….best thing we can do is help LC’s” – Morris Wolff

“ CFIMITYM – Cash Flow Is More Important Than Your Mother”  - Ken Morse

Conference Output Summary

*Panel discussion about “How have you continued to live your AIESEC’s values past your time in AIESEC?”

-Panelists talked about their history in AIESEC, how they have applied AIESEC’s values to their work and lives, and interesting stories about how AIESEC experiences have influenced their lives.  Please contact us if you would like a copy of any of the slides prepared by the panelists.

- Special thank you to our panel participants: Morris Wolff, Boyd Griffin, Peter Otto, David Dempsey, Preston Zoller, Sarah Endline, and moderator Ken Morse

*Update from AIESEC Life

-AIESEC Life presented some of the accomplishments we have achieved in the last 18 months, such as:

-Raising $300,000 -- $160,000 secured from 175 alumni and $140,000 pledged over the next 4 years.

-Raising 20+ alumni leads for traineeships

-Holding alumni events in New York, Denver, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Austin, and DC

-Awarding four scholarships to current AIESEC members to go to international Conferences

-AIESEC Life’s future plans include:

(1) Launch and grow the online system

(2) Provide core services to alumni, such as:

      Regular local and national alumni events

      Online job board / career / grad school help

      Structured opportunities to give back to AIESEC (scholarships, take a trainee, etc)

      Mentorship programs and smaller networks (e.g. entrepreneurship circle)

    (3) Build an endowment fund to reach long term financial sustainability

*Discussion: “How can we use an AIESEC alumni organization to pursue AIESEC’s ideals enjoyably and productively after graduation and beyond?”

-Many ideas were suggested, most of which were rooted in the belief that coordinating alumni efforts with AIESEC United States can have a direct, positive impact on the world.

-Some of the ideas include establishing direct communication between older and younger alumni, ways in which alumni can give back to AIESEC without interfering with the current membership, discussions about current events, coordinated international travel, etc. 

-We will continue to build on the ideas from this conversation, as well as any others that alumni come up with!  Please contact us if you are interested in leading a specific effort.


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