Monday, May 18, 2009

AIESEC US 2009 in Numbers


532 – Students recruited and ready to go abroad so far in 2009 – 61% increase on 2008 and the highest for at least 10 years.
160 – Students matched so far to opportunities across the world including Iran, Uganda, Colombia, France, Qatar, Bahrain and 40 to China, 25 to India – two of our target countries in 2009.

We have 5 trainees who have arrived or are arriving in the next few weeks all over the country and they are:

• Berkshire Advisors (signed by Yale) - Fay Alshawi and Mariam Alsamahiji both going to be working in Chicago.
• Cadbury (global partner) - Abhishek Jadon (previous AI Vice President of Information Systems and launched He will be working in New Jersey.
• CH Robinson (National Partner) - Niklas Storch who is working in Chicago.
• DHL (Global Partner) - Marysol Ramirez Valencia who will be working in Florida.


36 – Official number of LCs – 31 full members.
1533 – Number of members according to the LC Q1 survey.
7 – August is Summer Conference in Madison (alumni event being planned)
National Presidents Meeting in Chicago was a great success. All 31 full member LCs were represented and took part in the conference and legislation. And all 3 expansions were present and their proposals were accepted by the national plenary.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The New AIESEC Generation: Are They Like Us?

Kelly A. Fuson, our newsletter contributor, interviewed Alex Royalty, AIESEC San Luis Obispo new member, about joining the chapter and attending his first regional conference.

Kelly A. Fuson: How did you hear about AIESEC?
Alex Royalty: I was a member of international business club at Cal Poly, which has an AIESEC charter. Professor Geringer (a long-time friend of AIESEC) encouraged me to join. I was interested in meeting people with similar interests, studying abroad, and going to other countries in the form of an internship. I also knew two other friends who were members. First, I attended meetings at the end of my sophomore year and then became an active member after returning from Italy, where I spent four months studying abroad.

Kelly: What motivated you to become a member?
Alex: I wanted to go on a traineeship and I knew it would be an excellent opportunity, opening doors in many directions. The more I become involved the more I get out of my college experience. AIESEC is that opportunity to build connections, provide students with great experiences, and develop as an individual.

Kelly: Since joining, what have you found out about AIESEC that has surprised you? How is different than what you expected?
Alex: As for our recent regional conference, I was expecting it to be a purely professional scene. Immediately, I was shocked to find an entirely different approach to conferences. It was extremely personable and entertaining. It was not as strict and uptight as a typical business conference. From the dance routines to the emcees, it was definitely a fun informational time.

Kelly: Who is the most interesting person you've met in AIESEC so far?
Alex: The regional conference was my first introduction to AIESEC members from other schools. Denis, on TN from Germany at the Arizona chapter, is one person I found really interesting. Not only has he been traveling around but he has had great success, earning employee of the month multiple times. Learning about his cultural background and how positive of an experience he’s been having, you could really feel his enthusiasm. It was very motivational and exciting.

Kelly: Do you plan to go on a traineeship? If so, where would you like to go and what would you like to do there?
Alex: I do plan on doing so, either over summer after I graduate or for more than a year. I’d be more than happy to take a position that would challenge my abilities and be a learning experience. As far as location, I’d like to go anywhere in Asia, India, or Eastern Europe.

Kelly: What was on the agenda at the regional conference?
Alex: It started off with a meet & greet, then it went intro to the history of AIESEC, what it stands for. They also discussed the different dynamics of each chapter. We learned how to pitch to professors & other organizations, becoming change agents, attracting talent, the application process, using the website, and the process of bringing trainees to the chapter (paperwork, housing, etc.).

Kelly: What had the biggest impact on you at the conference?
Alex: Apart from getting a feel for what you can do as an AIESEC member, it was experiencing the culture of AIESEC. It was a motivational way to meet people and see where AIESEC is going and who is behind the movement.

Kelly: What changes do you foresee in AIESEC in the next 5 years?
Alex: Specifically for the SLO chapter, we’ve fallen away from our involvement with AIESEC and I hope to step up into leadership role to become a stronger AIESEC chapter. Most students come to meetings, listen to speakers, and then head off – we need to increase opportunities for them to be involved. Part of that is going out and looking for talent, adding more positions, and creating teams. It’s difficult for our chapter to find companies who will hire international students; I think that’s partly why we’ve strayed from the original AIESEC structure. I am extremely excited to see how our chapter can develop and embody what AIESEC represents.