Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Help Open Travel to Cuba Now!

As AIESECers, we are the biggest advocates of sharing cultures across borders, visiting and exploring a completely new culture, introducing others to our world, and embracing the differences of diversity. The AIESEC exchange network is comprised of over 100 countries and counting. Can you imagine not being able to visit another country that you want to learn more about?

Especially as AIESECers who are Americans, we have travel access to any part of the world - that is, except Cuba. It's about time the U.S. ends its Cuban travel ban and give Americans the right to travel to and experience a country that we have only had access to vicariously.

You can help change this through the campaign, Petition for U.S. leaders to end the Cuban travel ban now.

With the current administration showing a willingness to cooperate with Cuba on new grounds, it is imperative to continue the momentum. Support and help further AIESEC's mission in opening up minds through the exchange of culture.


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